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“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”
– Eckhart Tolle

The functioning of society around the world has been challenged by the 2020 pandemic on many levels–with our then current and future realities heavily impacted. This situation brought a change in circus as well. If there has ever been a time to unite forces in our industry, it was during the year of 2020 and after.¬† As a result, CircusTalk started a new ‚Äô initiative and brought together professional players from the international circus ecosystem to start the conversation both about circus as an art form and circus under these rapidly changing circumstances.

Our colleagues at The Circus Arts Hubwere also conducting a series of talks with leading circus creators and creative producers around the globe and we have teamed up to share each other’s panels as part of this series.  The Circus Arts Hub also took  this opportunity to facilitate ongoing conversations about art form and sector development, to take stock, and to dream and plan for the future.

In the series of virtual panels and discussions about the future of circus, called ‚ÄúCircus and Changing Realities 2020‚ÄĚ we curated a set of online panels (from March 2020 to December 2020), where we have opened up the floor for circus discussions about the changing face of circus among a wide variety of professionals in the circus sector.¬†We delved into best practices, improvements, adaptations and collaborations for strengthening the circus arts networks that we have painstakingly built together.



Many thanks to our moderators and panelists in 2020!

Aaron Marquise‚ÄďFounder ofContemporary Circus & Immersive Arts Center (CCIAC),¬†Ecole Nationale de Cirque Graduate, Clown, United States

Abigail Williams-Joseph‚ÄďDancer, Pole Artist, Aerialist,¬†CSAW¬†grant recipient, United States

Adolfo Rossamundo-Founder of INCAM (the International Network of Circus Arts Magazines) and Juggling Magazine,Italy

Adrian Berry-Artistic Director and Joint CEO Jackson’s Lane, UK

Adrian Porter (he/him)-Director of Higher EducationNational Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA), London, UK

Agustin Rodriguez Beltr√°n‚ÄďCircus Artist, graduate from¬†ENC¬†in Canada, from Mexico

Alexandra Royer-Circus Artist Barcode Circus Company, Canada & France

Alisan Funk‚ÄďHead of Bachelor of Circus Arts at¬†DOCH,Sweden

Alsenny Sylla‚ÄďCircus Artist, Guinea, Africa

Amy Chen (she/her/hers)-Independent Circus Arts Teacher and Performer, currently working with Primrose Hill School and,Bindlestiff Family Cirkus After School,New York, USA

Anahareo Dölle-Founder of St. John’s International Circus Fest in Newfoundland, Canada

Andr√©ane Leclerc‚ÄďArtist, Director Nad√®re Arts Vivants, Montr√©al, Canada Antonella

Casella‚ÄďCurator of¬†Circus Arts Hub, Circus Advocate, Producer, Director, Dramaturg and Artist, Melbourne, Australia

Atte Niittykangas‚ÄďPhysiotherapist, Finland

Aurora Villarreal-Covarrubias, Social circus trainer, Mexico

Betka Ticha‚ÄďCircus graduate from¬†Codarts¬†in the Netherlands, from the Czech Republic

Bruno Costa-Co-organizer of¬†LEME Contemporary Circus Festival¬†in √ćlhavo, Portugal

Busty Beatz‚ÄďMusic Director and Co-creator at Hot BrownHoney,Meanjin/Lands of the Jagera People, Australia

Cecilia Echevarria Morales‚ÄďCircus artist & graduate from¬†ESACin Belgium

Charlotte Pescayre‚ÄďCircus Researcher in Mexico

Chris Berry‚ÄďJournalist and Historian, Circus Historical Society Board Trustee, I Heart media, United States

Courtney Johnson‚ÄďFormer Gymnast, Doctor of Physical Therapy, USA Gymnastics Judge & Lecturer and Brown Girls Do Gymnastics Director of Sports Medicine, USA

Cox Ahlers‚ÄďChairwoman, Coordinator ofBundesverband Zeitgen√∂ssischer Zirkus e.V.(Federal association of contemporary circus)¬†in Germany

Dan Roberts-Executive director CircEsteem,USA

Deb Wilks-Producer at Cluster Arts, a circus event and project management company in Brisbane, Australia

Delaney Bayles‚ÄďJuggler, graduate from¬†Circadium Circus School, United States

Delphine Cezard-Circus Artist, Canada

Diane Goodman (she/they)‚ÄĒDiversity and Social Justice Trainer and Consultant, Nyack NY, USA

Diego Salles‚ÄďCirus Artist, Brazil

Devon Taylor‚ÄďCreative Producer, Women‚Äôs Circus, Australia

Dominque Jando‚ÄďFounder and Curator of¬†, Former Associate Artistic Director of the¬†‚Äď Big Apple Circus,¬†United States/France

Donald Lehn, Director of Escuela de Circo Carampa in Madrid, Spain

Dr. Emily Scherb-the Circus Doc in USA

Dr. Fleur van Rens-Lecturer Sports Psychology, Academic Chair of the Elite Athlete Program, College of Science, Health, Engineering & Education, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

Dr. Jameta Nicole Barlow-PhD, MPH (she/her/hers) ‚ÄĒ Assistant Professor of Writing, Women‚Äôs Leadership and Health Policy and Management, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA

Dr. Jennifer Crane‚ÄďCirque Physio in USADr. Kate F. Hays Ph.D.,C.Psych.,CMPC‚ÄďThe Performing Edge,Toronto, Canada

Dr. Kristy Seymour‚ÄďDirector/Head Trainer- Circus Stars,Lecturer- Griffith College, Adjunct Researcher-Griffith University, Australia

Dr. Louis Patrick Leroux‚ÄďFounding Director of the Montreal Working Group on Circus. Professor at Concordia University and Associate Researcher and teacher at¬†Ecole nationale de cirque,¬†Montr√©al, QC, Canada

Dr. Stacey L. Mascia-Susice (she/her/hers)-Professor of English, Humanities Department, North Country Community College

Dr. Stephanie Greenspan‚ÄďCircus Movement and Injury Research in USA

Dr. Tobie Stein-Sociologist and Professor of Theater Emerita at Brooklyn College, The City University of New York

Emily Loe‚ÄďCircus Artist and graduate from¬†NICA¬†in Australia

Emmanuel Bochud-Former Manager of Public Affairs and Social Responsibility Cirque du Soleil, CRITAC Ecole National de Cirque, Canada

Eric Bates-Circus Artits, Barcode Circus Company, USA

√Čric Langlois-Executive Director of¬†Ecole nationale de cirque,¬†Montr√©al, QC, Canada

Fanny Kerwich‚ÄďFounder and Creative & Executive Artistic Director of¬†Lone Star Circus Arts Center, Inc.,¬†USA/France

Fez Fa‚Äôanana‚ÄďFounder, Creative Director, Artist, Briefs Factory, Australia

Fiona Bradley (they/them)-Circus Artist, Chicago, IL, USA

Gintarńó Masteikaitńó-Director,New Baltic Dance and New Circus Weekend in Lithuania

Harley Mann‚ÄďCircus Artist, Australia

Ingrid Apgar‚ÄďCircus Artist and graduate from¬†New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study¬†and¬†Circus Warehouse,USA

Isabel Joly‚ÄďDirector at¬†FEDEC¬†in Belgium

Jafet Irizarry- Puerto Rico Educare National Circus Central American Network of social circus, Puerto Rico

Jamie Hodgson (she/her/hers)-Executive Director, New England Center for Circus Arts

Janelle Peters-Circus artist, Therapist LSW, USA Founder of Cirque_Psych on Instagram

Jennifer Miller (she/her/they)-Artistic Director of Circus Amok, USA

Jessica Hentoff-Artistic Director & Founder of Circus Harmony in St; Louis, MI, USA

Joana Dias‚ÄďCircus Artists, UK

Joanna Haigood‚ÄďFounder and Artistic Director of Zaccho Dance Theater, San Francisco, California, USA

Joe Pinzon‚ÄďArtist (aerialist, silks) Writer and Director of¬†Filament, Founder of¬†Short Round Productions,USA

John-Paul Zaccarini (he/him/his)‚ÄĒCircus and Performance Artist, Director and Professor of Performing Arts at¬†Stockholm University of the Arts¬†Stockholm University of the Arts,Stockholm, Sweden

Joi Brown-Artistic Director and Vice President of Programming, Strathmore Hall Foundation,USA

Juanita Cardenas‚ÄďArtist, Designer,from USA/Colombia

Julia Sanchez-Circus Artist, Mexico

Juno Nedel‚ÄďCircus Artist and Founder of¬†Grupo Companhia Fundo Mundo¬†‚Äď Brazil, South America

Kate Kavanaugh-Editor of the Circus Diaries in the United Kingdom

Kevin Venardos-Producer at The Venardos Circus in the USA

Kiebpoli Calnek¬†(they/them/theirs)‚ÄďArtistic Director, Black*Acrobat in the USA

Krista Bradley‚ÄďDirector of Programs and Resources at APAP in the¬†USA

Kyran Lee Walton‚ÄĒ¬†Ecole Nationale de Cirque Student, CSAW grant recipient, Hand to Hand Balancing, USA

Lauren Eisinger‚ÄďInternational Development Manager,¬†Circa, Australia

Laurence Estève-CEO & Co-Founder, Zip Zap Circus School, South Africa

Linda Catalano-Producer, Tour manager for Hot Brown Honey in Australia

Lisa Husseini-CEO of iCadenza and entrepreneur/creative coach, USA

Majo Cazares¬†(she/her/hers)‚ÄĒCircus Artist, Production Manager, Coach, Mexico. Graduate from the Superior School of Circus Arts¬†(ESAC)¬†in Belgium and based in Brussels

Malik Cleveland (he/him)-Dancer/Aerialist,Los Angeles, CA, USA

Marcelo Troncoso‚Äďcircus researcher in Chile¬†Marco Motta‚ÄďCircus Artist from Brazil & Spain¬†Maria-Noel Rosas‚ÄďCircus Director and Manager in Uruguay¬†Marysia Walcerz‚ÄďCircus Artist and graduate from¬†NECCA¬†in the USA

Mateo Castelblanco‚ÄďPerforming Actor in Colombia

Matt Horton‚ÄďIndependent Artist in Sweden

Matthew Jessner-Senior Artistic Director of Operations at Dragone,Brussels, Belgium

Maya Kesselman‚ÄďCo-founder of¬†Back Pocket, Acrobat,USA

Melvin Diggs-Circus Artist,USA

Michael Day-London Variety Organizer, Equity Circus Network Contact‚ÄďLondon, England

Michael Hottier-Back Pocket,Belgium

Mikey Martins-Artistic Director and Joint Chief Executive, Freedom Festival, United Kingdom

Mishannock Bruno Ferrero-Circus Artist,Sweden

Mohamed Rabah-Executive Director, Palestinian Circus School, Palestine

Monique Martin‚ÄďDirector of Programming at Harlem Stage in the USA

Nathalie Delorme-Communications and Community Engagement OfficerEn Piste,National Circus Arts Alliance, Montréal,Canada

Nicki Miller-Circus artist, Artistic Director of Only Child Aerial Theatre and circus instructor located in New York

Noeleen Fries Neumann- Belfast Community Circus School, Northern Ireland

Noeli Acoba‚ÄďCircus Artist, Video Editor,from the USA

Osman Khawaja-Executive Director, Phare Ponleau Selpak, Cambodia

Paul Valle‚ÄďCompany Director and Head Rigger, Mexico

Professor Vanessa Toulmin‚ÄďChair in Early Film & Popular Entertainment Research Professor and Founder¬†National Fairground & Circus Archive¬†University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Raffaele de Ritis‚ÄďHistorian, Author, Director from Italy

Rhen Molly Miles¬†(she/her)‚ÄďMSW, CSWA, Pathways Manager at¬†Circus Project¬†and Adjunct Faculty at Portland State University‚Äôs School of Social Work, Portland, OR, USA

Rico Jakk-Social Enterprise Re-Educator,Speaker, Coach, founder Dynamix Cic.,United Kingdom

Rodrigo Hernandez‚ÄďDirector ofDokuCirco¬†and circus artist in Mexico

Rodrigo Mallet‚ÄďCircus Researcher in Brazil

Romina Buscaglia‚ÄďCircus Artist and Therapist in Chile

Ruby Burgess-Circus Artist, Educator and Writer,Author of Not My Monkey’s Podcast andMonkey See, Monkey Discuss Series on Circus Voices,United Kingdom

Ruth Wikler-Deputy Director of Programming, Circus Arts at La TOHU, andMontréal Complètement Cirque/MICC,in Montreal, Canada

Sean Lomax¬†(he/him/his)‚ÄĒWhistling Artist,USA

Shana Kennedy-Director of Circadium andPhiladelphia School of Circus Arts,USA

Shenea Stiletto¬†(she/her)‚ÄďWorld Acrobatic Champion, USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Member and World Class Handbalancer, Instructor, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Sidney Iking Bateman-Circus Artist, WWE Wrestler, USA

Sopha Nem-Circus Artist, Phare Ponleu Selpak, Cambodia

Sosina Wogayehu (she/her/hers)‚ÄĒCEO of the¬†Ethio Circus Entertainment¬†PLC and Director of the¬†Ethiopian Circus Center,¬†Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

Stephane Segreto-Aguilar Coordinator or Circostrada the European Network of Circus & Street Arts,Paris, France

Steven Santos‚ÄďRigger, Fabricator from the United States

Tai-Jung Yu‚ÄďInternational Affairs Manager, Resident Dramaturg at¬†Formosa Circus Arts,Taiwan, ASIA

Tara Jacobs¬†(she/her/hers)‚ÄďExecutive Director¬†AYCO/ACE

Tilde Bjorf√∂rs‚ÄďArtistic Director and Founder of¬†Cirkus Cirk√∂r¬†from Sweden

Tim Roberts-Director of¬†√Čcole de Cirque de Qu√©bec¬†located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Valentina Barone‚ÄďEditor of¬†Juggling Magazine¬†in Italy

Valentina Solaris Vodanovic‚ÄďIndependent artist in the United Kingdom

Veronika Stefanova-Director of Cirqueon Center for Contemporary Circus, located in Prague, Czech Republic

Vicente Llorca‚ÄďPublisher of¬†Zirkolika Circus Arts Magazine¬†in Spain

Victor Bobadilla Parra‚ÄďCircus Researcher in Chile

Victoria Amedume‚ÄďArtistic Director of the circus company¬†Upswing,¬†located in the United Kingdom

Vincent Messager-Director of Dolce Vita Spectacles touring agency located in Montreal, Canada

Vincent Poliquin-Simms‚ÄďDirector of Quatuor Stomp in Canada

Virginie Maloney (she/her)-Lawyer and Project Coordinator,  L’Aparté Juripop Legal Clinic, Montréal, Canada

William Forchion‚ÄďMulti-Disciplinary Artist, Speaker, Educator, Camp Director at¬†Circus Smirkus,USA