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Watch individual creative visions intersect in this action packed circus showcase. NECCA’s 2nd year professional training program students present an intriguing array of entertaining and dynamic circus acts. Find connection and divergence through this expertly directed and integrated performance where anything that can happen, will happen!

In 2020/2021 adjustments were made to continue training despite the COVID pandemic, and students persevered while training in masks and socially distanced.

WHEN: Fri, July 2 – Sun, July 11, 2021 (running time: 2+ hours)

WHERE: Streaming on demand online COST: $15-50

TICKETS: https://www.onthestage.com/show/new-england-center-for-circus-arts/nexus-virtual-40223/tickets/60be27309f907600032e2f1e

ProTrack year 2 Artists: Anna Vance, Bailey Scherer, Carina Gillet, Chisana Monson, Elly Craig, Erika Valles, Gabrielle Leo, Lauren Uvino, Michelle Mazzarella, Rita Huie, Sam Malloy, Violet Defiant Livingston.

Director: Elsie Smith with choreographic and artistic support from NECCA’s coaching team.

MORE INFO: https://necenterforcircusarts.org/about/nexus/


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