• 9
  • 75 min
  • Fixed-Location

Cast and Crew


Goodbye Party is a evening-length physical theater show set in the offices of the going-out-of-business Earth, The Planet, LLC. As the corporation collapses, the multi-species staff congregate for a final farewell to the planet they call their office. The varied departments of this sprawling organization have each coaxed a representative to offer a presentation on behalf of their phylogeny, so prepare yourselves for an evening of acrobatics, dance, burlesque, and dark comedy. Despite the prospect of a dire future, the workers invite you to reminisce and relish millenia of employment at Earth, The Planet, LLC. Brought to you by Big Teeth Performance Collective, a Brattleboro based circus theater company born at the New England Center for Circus Arts and returning from a summer tour where they brought the party to theater and circus festivals across New England. Suitable for All Ages.

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