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StageLync is an emerging, groundbreaking FREE platform providing detailed information and easy access to performances for audiences. StageLyncPro is a subscription-based service tailored to performing arts industry professionals offering higher visibility, networking opportunities, and tools to support their careers. If you work professionally onstage or backstage in the performing arts, select a plan that is right for you:


Recommended for:
All live performing arts professionals, companies, students and educational institutions
Boost Your Visibility!

Create a profile on the fastest-growing live performing arts platform and connect with both audiences and industry professionals.

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  • Register and create a profile page for FREE
  • Connect with on- and backstage professionals
  • Find shows/acts and events
  • Post a simple job post
  • Post your show/act or event (conference, festival, workshop … etc.)
  • Stay up to date about industry trends and news via articles and the StageLync Podcast


Recommended for:
Job Opportunity Seekers
Unlock new career opportunities!

Access the StageLync job board, tailored specifically for the live performing arts industry, and connect with leading companies eager to find top onstage and backstage talent.

7.99 US$/mo
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PRO plan details

  • Access our Job Board, featuring over 100 new job postings each week from leading companies, along with our aggregator that simplifies and streamlines your job search in the live performing arts industry—all in one place
  • Set up job alerts
  • Apply to professional onstage casting breakdowns and backstage jobs
  • Use your professional profile to apply to jobs ('Apply via StageLync')
  • Priority placement in talent search
  • Get higher visibility through our collaborations with other platforms, such as JamarGig.
  • Access to contact information and direct messaging.


Recommended for:
Recruiters and Talent Seekers
Hire the right onstage or backstage talent!

Expand your searches across all StageLync members and generate better leads with advanced search filters, enhancing your ability to connect with the right professionals quickly and efficiently.

34.99 US$/mo
Select a Plan

PRO plan details

  • Exclusive access and search to the member database
  • Full access and search to the act and show database
  • Streamline you process and access talent organizing dashboard and tools (customized search-sets, tags, messaging, notes on talent profiles
  • Get higher visibility for your job posts with full access, ensuring your opportunities stand out to the best talent in the industry
  • Invite talent directly to apply to your job post
  • Connect with candidates via their contact profile or direct messaging.
  • JamarGig clients can qualify for the first-year-free access to the StageLync talent database. Learn more about JamarGig integrated casting software and contact JamarGig for more details and mention StageLync to confirm if you qualify.

Need a Company Plan?

Have a large team of talent seekers?

Contact us

Are you an educational institution?

We offer a talent add-on subscription that can extend to your faculty and students. Contact us

Are you a member of the following organizations?


We are proud to support and collaborate with live performing arts member organizations. Contact your organization and inquire about a StageLync special offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is StageLync?

StageLync is the premier destination for access and connection in the live performing arts, born from the fusion and its roots deeply embedded in the success of CircusTalk and TheaterArtLife. This cutting-edge platform offers two distinct experiences: StageLync, for audiences seeking comprehensive access to performances and insights; and StageLync Pro, crafted exclusively for industry professionals and decision-makers to connect, collaborate, and elevate their presence in the performing arts.

Is it FREE?

Absolutely! StageLync offers a paywall-free experience, granting everyone comprehensive access to our extensive media coverage of the live performing arts. It’s an open platform designed to draw a wide audience and foster a love for the performing arts.

For those in the industry, StageLync Pro provides a subscription-based suite designed for professionals and decision-makers. Even better, within Pro we offer a BASIC membership at no cost, allowing professionals to create profiles within the fastest growing database of the live performing arts industry.

What do PREMIER and RECRUITER Paid Pro Members Gain Beyond the BASIC Plan?

PREMIER membership caters to job seekers eager to streamline their search. Members gain access to our comprehensive job aggregator service and direct listings from top companies. For a detailed look at PREMIER benefits, please refer to the features list provided above. RECRUITER membership is designed for recruiters and talent scouts seeking on-stage and backstage professionals. It offers the ability to broaden searches to all StageLync members and to hone in on the ideal candidates with advanced search filters. For an in-depth overview of RECRITER benefits, the features list above will guide you.

How Can I Join StageLync?

For fans and performing arts enthusiasts: Subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates, insights, and highlights from the world of performing arts. From trends to shows and artist news, we've got you covered. Exciting new features are on the horizon for fans—stay tuned for more!
For professionals, companies, students, or educational institutions in the live performing arts: Join StageLync Pro, our subscription-based platform crafted to meet your industry-specific needs and provide exclusive access to our professional network.

I have a question, who can I contact?

Email to our Customer Success Team at [email protected] and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.