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New Horizons Summit Returns: A Wintery Circus Feast for Curious Minds

In December 2022, the inaugural New Horizons Summit took the international circus community by storm, bringing together professionals and captivating audiences with mesmerizing performances in Lund, Sweden. Originally intended as a one-time event, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants and spectators alike has spurred the organizers to announce the return of this groundbreaking summit.

Mark your calendars for the 7th to the 9th of December, as the New Horizons Summit makes its triumphant return with three days of excitement, featuring circus workshops, performances, and seminars. Aimed at those intrigued by the future of circus arts, the summit provides a unique platform for enthusiasts to connect, engage, and explore the evolving landscape of this dynamic art form.

The second edition of the New Horizons Summit promises to be even more spectacular, with public performances by the world-renowned Gandini Juggling. Known for their distinctive composition style and collaborations with the London Royal Opera House, Gandini Juggling is set to dazzle audiences with their unparalleled skill and creativity.

The event will take place at various venues across Lund, each offering a distinct and captivating experience. The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art will showcase a robotic horse and new work by Finnish/Swedish choreographer DJ BrÀnnö. Lund City Theatre will host an evening suspended in the air, featuring some of the most inspiring aerial acrobats. Meanwhile, at Mejeriet, the legendary dark Gaullier clown, Lucy Hopkins, will lead attendees into a ceremony of twinkling giggles in the depths.

The program is diverse and promises something for everyone. Delve into discussions about Circus and Modernism, witness a work-in-progress performance at Allhelgona Kyrkan exploring themes of faith, attend workshops and masterclasses, and revel in networking opportunities and festive celebrations.

As an added incentive, professionals in the field are encouraged to register by the 15th of November, to avail of special discounts on the program. A registration form is available for this purpose, ensuring that industry experts can make the most of this unique gathering.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary celebration of circus arts. Discover the full program and secure your tickets to the New Horizons Summit—a wintery circus feast for curious and open minds!

Main Image: Circus by Me, Janne-Pekka Manninen, Donata Alyshaus 

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