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World Circus Day 2023 Coming Soon – Registration for Events Now Open

Now entering its 13th year, World Circus Day promises to bring with it in 2023 a slew of international festivities centered on the circus arts, happening in tandem on Saturday, April 15. Registration of events is now open via the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque website.

In an open letter to partners and members, Fédération Mondiale du Cirque President Urs Pilz and Executive Director Zsuzsanna Mata, under the honorary presidency of Monacan H.S.H. Princess Stephanie, recently announced the date of the upcoming World Circus Day (WCD) 2023.

This announcement comes as the newest part of the 13-year tradition of celebrating the circus arts on the third Saturday of every April. Since the first WCD was held in 2009, the event has grown into a worldwide jubilee that last year included 300 happenings in 42 countries.

The announcement further states that “[t]he Federation requests every year the participants of WCD to register their events on our website. It is a highly important step as we not only summarize the different ways you pay tribute to circus arts, but we share this information on an international level which is an inspiration for others. Please download the WCD 2023 logo from our website and use it during your events. We are expecting from you high-resolution photos taken during the activities. [The] Fédération Mondiale du Cirque in collaboration with Planet Circus prepares each year a colorful online magazine fully dedicated to WCD. This publication contains the best photos and descriptions of activities country by country. Only those pictures will be published which show the 2023 WCD logo.”

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