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Five Entertainment Industry Veterans and Former Dragone Top Talents Join Forces to Form New Entertainment Company

Five entertainment industry veterans and former Dragone top talents join forces to form a new entertainment company, Our Legacy Creations (OLC),that redefines entertainment with unmatched expertise and visionary talent.

Our Legacy Creations (OLC), a dynamic new entertainment company, is poised to make an impact on the market with its combination of influential founders who have an incredible track record of delivering world-class live entertainment across the globe.

Committed to leaving a lasting legacy, the OLC company has the capacity to bring together the world’s greatest talents to create real, physical, and unifying experiences that influence and shape the entertainment landscape.

Collectively the work footprint of the founding members is embedded across the globe, throughout Asia Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.


Founding Members of OLC include:

Francois Girard

With over 16 years in the live entertainment and experiential sector, Mr. Girard is a seasoned expert in strategic planning and business development. His global portfolio includes high-impact projects like La Perle in the Middle East and Le Rêve in the Americas. He has served in executive roles such as CEO of Dragone and SVP at Thinkwell Group, as well as strategic roles at Deloitte Monitor and the Canadian Navy. Mr. Girard has a track record of negotiating complex, high-value deals, overseeing more than $500 million in direct revenues. He holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and a B.Com. from McGill University.

Terrence Williams

Terrence Williams is a veteran live entertainment producer with 25 years of experience in top-tier productions. He has been involved with renowned companies and shows like Cirque du Soleil, Spiegelworld, and America’s Got Talent LIVE. Notable projects include The Illusionists in major venues like Sydney Opera House and Broadway, and Circus 1903 with global tours. Most recently, he managed the budget and operations for Cirque du Soleil’s Mad Apple and led international tours across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe. Terrence also co-produced guest segments for TV shows such as The Royal Variety Show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and multiple appearances on America’s Got Talent.

Anna Robb

Anna Robb is a seasoned Entertainment Executive Producer with 23 years of global experience. She has been affiliated with prominent entities like Cirque du Soleil, Dragone, The Sydney Opera House, and Sands, China. A major highlight of her career was her pivotal role in the R&D, training, creation, and operation of the $250 million aquatic show, The House of Dancing Water in Macau, which saw a profitable decade-long run. Her extensive background covers concerts, arena events, corporate events, musical theatre, circus, and more. Anna possesses an honours degree in Design for Theatre and Television. Furthermore, she co-founded and manages TheatreArtLife, a digital hub for entertainment industry professionals.

Tiziana Pagliarulo

Tiziana boasts 24 years in live entertainment, beginning her journey in a small Italian village and realizing her dance dreams in New York at 18. She’s collaborated with industry-leading directors in live shows, TV, and cinema. Key projects include directing Terhal in Saudi Arabia and serving as Associate Artistic Director for Amystika with Criss Angel. She was also the creative force behind Andrea Bocelli’s Believe in Christmas and revamped Paris Merveilles at Lido de Paris. Over a decade, Tiziana contributed to Italian and French talent shows as Associate Artistic Director. Her notable collaboration with Franco Dragone began in 2019, culminating in multiple original concepts for future productions.

Damien Long

Damien Long, a Las Vegas native and University of Nevada, Las Vegas Theatre graduate, is a seasoned Creative Director with extensive experience in production and stage management. He’s been integral to the creation and execution of multiple Dragone shows, including high-profile projects like La Perle in Dubai, Land of Legends in Turkey, The Dai Show and The Han Show in China, as well as Le Rêve in Las Vegas. Renowned as a leading authority on Dragonian theatre, Damien navigates the complexities of modern spectacle and practical production challenges. He’s often the linchpin connecting continents, disciplines, and various stages of production, adept at propelling projects forward against seemingly insurmountable odds.

OLC covers all aspects of delivering live entertainment including Commercial Structure, Show Conception, Creative Direction, Show Creation, Show Production, and Show Operations.

OLC, has a commitment for uncompromised quality, impactful and economically viable projects which are locally inspired and culturally sensitive while maintaining a global appeal,” said Francois Girard, Managing Director of the company. “We are driven by our mission to bring together exceptional talents, create transformative experiences, and leave a lasting legacy that resonates with audiences worldwide.”

For more information about Our Legacy Creations and their visionary entertainment projects, please visit www.olc.liveor follow them on LINKEDIN, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK.

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