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Career Lab ROUNDUP – Career Lab Sessions

Launched at the start of 2023, the Career Lab is a collection of curated professional content centered around careers in the arts, artistic creation, and business development, brought to you by acclaimed experts in the field who share their knowledge, provide advice, and teach useful skills. Think Business, Health, Marketing, Artistic Development, and more! There are many resources within the Career Lab, and this week,  we’re spotlightingCareer Lab Sessions! Each Career Lab Session features a guest creator (and their product or service) who provides exclusive professional advice in their area of expertise. These Sessions are but a sampling of their amazing work; our guests experts are ready to connect and engage with you!Career Lab Sessionswill grow into an expansive collection of these video resources – now to re-introduce the experts we’ve hosted so far!

Entrepreneurship, mentorship, business-ship! Let’s re-meet our first trio of Career Lab Session guests and revisit what topics and expertise they shared with us…

In the first two Sessions, we learned how to use social media as a marketing tool with Carla Biesinger, a business mentor and online course creator who helps women build profitable businesses through the power of Instagram. In “Getting Visible,” Carla gave CircusTalk PRO members valuable insight on how to stand out on social media with their personal brand or business, which included a breakdown of the different social platforms, content tips, and detailed instructions for drafting a goal-oriented content calendar. In “Selling Through Stories,” Carla explained how to use Instagram stories to increase engagement, share convincing testimonials, and boost conversion.

Next, we had Rachel Strickland, performing artist, entrepreneur, and business coach, walk us through “Getting Gigs!” Because being a good performer is only half the work in this pursuit. In part one, we learned the basics of personal branding, Rachel’s three-step strategy for reaching out, and helpful tools to make the whole process run smoothly. In part two, Rachel dove into that third step – reaching OUT! She shared what to include in your reach-out email, and what not to include, and broke it down into an easy seven-part template, on screen, for you to take and use for yourself! These sessions are a great resource for artists and freelance performers looking to pursue job opportunities with the goal of establishing relationships with casting entities and getting booked.

Most recently, we invited Ulrike Storch, former circus artist turned prominent entrepreneur, to offer our PRO members career advice on how to stand out as a performer and advocate for yourself when negotiating prices for your work. In “Niche Down to Blow Up,” Ulrike showed us “how to go from broad and broke to specific and spotted.” Ulrike explained what a niche is and how to discover your unique strengths and use them to supercharge your work. In “Value Based Pricing,” Ulrike addressed such an important yet hushed topic: how to PRICE your work. In three steps, Ulrike covered what most performers get wrong about choosing a price, why you need to understand the investment ladder before naming a price, and highlighted three factors that control how much you can charge (they’re not what you think)!

Check out these sessions by clicking the image below!

In addition to Career Lab Sessions, the Career Lab has many other resources to offer our PRO members, such as our CircusTalk Original Series, networking opportunities called PRO Talks, advice articles, as well as a collection of consultants, book recommendations, and workshops!

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