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CircusTalk and JamarGig Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Casting Talent in the Entertainment Industry

CircusTalk, the leading online career and casting marketplace for the circus and multidisciplinary performing arts industry, and JamarGig, a cutting-edge SaaS platform for Casting Directors, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the way the entertainment industry connects and collaborates.

CircusTalk is a global hub for the performing arts community, providing a comprehensive online platform that connects artists, producers, and enthusiasts from around the world. With a wealth of resources, including a 35K+ and exponentially growing database of artists, acts, shows, and companies, job listings, industry news, and thriving community collaborations, CircusTalk is an essential tool for anyone involved in the multidisciplinary performing arts.

CircusTalk’s customers includeDisneyland Paris, Cirque du Soleil, Scarlett Entertainment, Celebrity Cruises, TUI Cruises, Feld Entertainment, Spiegelworld, Virgin Voyages, and ClubMed.

JamarGig ( Jam · R · Gig ) is a leading talent and audition management solution created specifically for casting directors. JamarGig was formed by the coming together of a team of Casting Directors, Performing Artists, and Technologists to create the world’s first truly all-encompassing Talent relationship and Audition Management solution.

JamarGig was born out of the frustration of casting directors and talent who have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by the entertainment industry and the opportunities that exist to do audition management better. JamarGig has rapidly emerged as a pioneering SaaS platform specifically tailored for Casting Directors. By leveraging technology and innovative features, JamarGig simplifies the entire casting process. The platform aims to empower Casting Directors by providing them with greater control over the management of auditions and talent engagement.

The strategic partnership between CircusTalk and JamarGig brings together two industry leaders, combining their respective strengths to create a more robust ecosystem for the entertainment community. Through this collaboration, the partners will focus on enhancing user experience, expanding networking opportunities, and streamlining the talent booking process.

“We are thrilled to join forces with JamarGig in this strategic partnership,” said Stacy Clark, CEO of CircusTalk. “By integrating JamarGig’s cutting-edge platform with CircusTalk’s comprehensive resources and global network, we can deliver an unparalleled experience to our users, from casting directors to event planners to talent seekers of all varieties, allowing the whole entertainment ecosystem to thrive.” 

Andrew Busuttil, CEO of JamarGig, expressed equal excitement about the partnership, stating, “CircusTalk’s reputation as the go-to platform for the circus and performing arts industry perfectly aligns with our mission to revolutionize how casting directors engage with talent and manage the audition process. Together, we will create a seamless experience for artists, casting directors and producers, fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the entertainment community.”

The partnership between CircusTalk and JamarGig will include collaboration on technical integration, user experience enhancements, and joint marketing initiatives to provide new offerings to their respective communities. This partnership aims to provide a world-first end-to-end solution for entertainment and casting professionals. This includes capabilities such as networking and skill development,  discovery and securing of gigs, accepting and assessment of applications, sharing of casts with production managers for approval, and enrichment of talent history with past audition performances. Ultimately this will propel the entertainment industry forward into a new era of talent and audition management.

The JamarGig collaboration will enhance CircusTalk members’ visibility and their access to jobs and auditions. The integration between the two platforms offers Casting Directors the seamless ability to engage members and increases those members’ likelihood of being considered for a wide range of projects, ultimately contributing to their professional growth and success in the entertainment industry.

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