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Circus Historical Society Bandwagon Internet Archive Collection Celebrates One Year


One year ago, Circus Historical Society (CHS) unveiled the Bandwagon: The Journal of the Circus Historical Society collection on Internet Archive, making publicly available over 500 fully searchable issues of its signature journal. The organization shared this week that since the launch in 2022, the collection has been viewed over 22,500 times from users around the world.

“Our mission, as a not-for-profit educational organization, is to preserve the rich history of circus,” said Bruce Hawley, current President of CHS. “Making Bandwagon available on Internet Archive is one substantial way that CHS can celebrate circus history and make it easily accessible for historians, researchers, educators, and circus enthusiasts all over the world.”

The collection contains back-issues of Bandwagonbeginning with the first publication from CHS, titled SPEC, through early 2020. The most recent three years of Bandwagon issues are embargoed from the collection and only available to active CHS members, one of the organization’s membership benefits.

To view the Bandwagon collection, click here.

The Circus Historical Society (CHS) is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to preserving the rich history of circus. Its membership includes active and retired circus professionals, researchers, educators, librarians, historians, enthusiasts, and others, all united to share an interest in circus history by engaging with the society’s offerings and programs. CHS welcomes anyone with an interest in circus history.

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