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Announcing the Launch of the StageLync Podcast

In a significant move for the performing arts industry, CircusTalk and TheaterArtLife have joined forces, merging their platforms to create StageLync, a groundbreaking initiative  aiming to revolutionize access to live performances. We will launch StageLync at the beginning of Summer 2024. Combining the strengths of both platforms, StageLync provides news, events, opinion articles, reviews and postcasts for audiences and performing arts fans for free; while StageLync Pro, a subscription-based service, will offer jobs, recruitment, professional profiles and access to shows and performing arts companies. 

We are proud to announce today the launch of the StageLync Podcast, set to premiere its inaugural episode onJune 3rd, 2024. 

Standing on the shoulders of the¬† TheaterArtLife podcast, born from the pandemic and with over 200 published episodes, the StageLync Podcast builds upon its predecessor’s legacy to explore and expose the amazing stories of people across the globe working in live entertainment and performing arts, onstage and backstage.¬†¬†

At the helm of the StageLync Podcast as host and producer is Anna Robb, the Founder and CEO of TheaterArtLife and now StageLync. With two decades of experience spanning the globe, Anna brings a wealth of knowledge from her roles and Producer and Production Stage Manager with renowned companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Franco Dragone and the Sydney Opera House and shows such as The House of Dancing Water in Macau. Her passion for the industry’s evolution is evident, and her vision drives StageLync’s mission to amplify the voices of performing arts professionals worldwide.

Anna is joined by Ana Aguilera  and Kat Landry as podcast hosts and producers.Ana Aguilera is a multifaceted industry professional with a MFA in technical direction from UNCSA, she has worked as a technical director for Cirque Eloize, show diver for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and as a technician at La Perle, in Dubai.Kat Landry is a passionate and versatile Stage Manager, Project Manager and certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Kat has most recently been on tour as a Stage Manager and Show Caller for Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria though the United States, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom and Spain. 

We are planning to expand the circle of hosts allowing a diverse team of podcast hosts to engage with some of the industry’s most inspiring people from all over the world, who create magic onstage and backstage, overcome the odds, share their knowledge, passion and the untold, behind-the-scene stories of shows and the creation process.

With the StageLync Podcast, we invite you to join us as we celebrate the creativity, resilience, and human expression that define the performing arts. Stay tuned for captivating conversations and insights that promise to ignite your understanding and passion for the performing arts, while we invite you to nominate your dream podcast guest via this form. 

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