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NECCA Youth Troupe Opens for Northampton Circus Show “One Man’s Trash” by Cirque Us

Northampton, MA-– The New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA), the leading circus arts school in the United States, brought its Youth Performance Troupe to Northampton, Massachusetts, for a special appearance at the Academy of Music Theatre on April 26. Based in Brattleboro, Vermont, the troupe of young acrobats who train in aerial and ground skills was invited to open for the national tour of Cirque Us’ “One Man’s Trash” at their show in Northampton. They presented a group act, and then the Advanced Youth Troupe teased pieces of their solos from their upcoming end-of-school-year show “CircusNEXT: Underforest,” premiering on May 14, 2023.

The Youth Performance Troupe trains with some of the leading circus coaches in the world at NECCA, which also has a full-time professional circus education program for aspiring professionals. But NECCA’s Youth Troupe does more than just perform physical tricks; the program also places significant focus on the empowering capacity of physical and creative experiences through using circus skills to build life skills such as conflict resolution and self-advocacy.

Said Youth Troupe Coordinator Victoria Quine, “NECCA’s Intermediate and Advanced Youth Troupes are so excited to be joining Cirque Us at the Academy of Music! Although many of our troupers are first-years, they have been working hard to build skills and are excited to perform in their third show this year. It is an honor to get to share the stage with professionals, one of whom was a youth trouper back in the day!”

This collaborative effort, between NECCA and Cirque Us, grew out of Cirque Us’ history of working and training at NECCA. Cirque Us founders Doug Stewart and Meave Beck are both graduates of the NECCA ProTrack Program, and over the years, 12 NECCA graduates have gone on to work for Cirque Us. Furthermore, the show “One Man’s Trash” was originally created at NECCA.

Youth Troupe performers train onstage at the New England Center for the Circus Arts.
The NECCA Youth Troupe

“We are so excited to be furthering our collaboration with NECCA by sharing the stage with them at the Academy of Music on April 26th. NECCA is my circus home and is where I started my circus career. It feels great to come full circle and give the next generation of performers an opportunity to perform,” says Cirque Us Operations Director and Founder Doug Stewart.

About “One Man’s Trash: A Repurposed Circus”
Grab your garbage bags, pick up the recycling, and get ready to laugh and cheer as this repurposed circus turns trash into treasure! With the limitless spirit and can-do attitude of the circus, this cast reclaims and reanimates all that’s left in trash cans and littered in the garage to create a junkyard adventure like none other. The dumpster doors are wide open– we can’t wait for you to jump in. More info can be found at

The show premiered on April 26, 2023, at the Academy of Music (274 Main St, Northampton, MA).

About NECCA’s Youth Troupe
NECCA’s Youth Performance Troupes nurture the budding athlete, artist, and person. The program is designed to give young people experience on the stage and also to give them tools for long-term growth in both their circus life and their everyday life. Our troupers have gone on to tour with Circus Smirkus, joined professional circus training programs, and become some of the strongest, most well-rounded adults you’ll ever meet. Learn more and get involved at Check out the Youth Troupe Show “CircusNEXT: Underforest” on May 14, 2023—buy tickets here.

Since 2007, the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) has worked to empower a community of artists, students, and staff to strengthen their skills and achieve their goals through the joyful and transformative power of circus arts. The non-profit organization serves over 2,000 youth and adult students annually in recreational circus classes, pre-professional and professional programs, and workshops.

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