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JOB ALERT: Circusstad is Looking for a New Artistic Director

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Stichting Rotterdam Circusstad is the largest collaborative circus theatre project in the Netherlands. The Foundation emerged as a collaboration between Codarts Circus Arts, Circus Rotjeknor, the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, and the Luxor Theater about ten years ago. Rotterdam Circusstad has been the driving force behind countless projects, not just at a professional level but also in the community. Their most prominent project is the annual Circusstad Festival, which presents Dutch and international artists.

The organization’s co-founder and artistic director, Maaike van Langen, has recently announced her resignation. Langen will step down in May after the 2021 edition of the Circusstad Festival. Under her vision and Dirk Evers’s business direction, Circusstad has increased from an emerging organization to a professional institution in the past ten years, an essential pillar of the circus arts in Europe.

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Circusstad is looking for a successor who can take the organization to the next level.

As the job post says, “In collaboration with the managing director, the artistic director will be responsible for the organization’s senior management and direction. The senior management develops policy for programming, audience experience, talent development, and participation and translates it into concrete projects. The artistic director provides substance to the programming of the Circusstad Festival and projects in the area of talent development and social circus with international developments in the circus as a compass and the city of Rotterdam as inspiration. The artistic director is the face of the Festival, as the person with ultimate artistic responsibility.”

Besides programming the Festival the new artistic director is also expected to extend the organizations’ mission into education and social circus.

If you are a programmer, artistic director, or an administrator in the performing arts with leadership experience and knowledge of the circus arts, this position might be for you.




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