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FIRCO In Its Sixth Edition Remains Steadfast In Its Core Mission

The FIRCO, short for the Ibero-American Circus Festival, stands as a pivotal event in the global entertainment landscape, despite its relatively short existence. Now in its sixth edition, the festival remains steadfast in its core mission: to promote and solidify high-caliber circus performances across the Ibero-American region.

The last weekend of September in Madrid becomes the home to an abundance of exceptional talent, each act infused with the diverse artistic sensibilities of their respective nationalities. Organized by Circontinentes S.L., the event exudes the same level of enthusiasm and vigor as in its previous iterations, poised to showcase to the world the cultural richness of Ibero-American circus arts.

FIRCO is scheduled to unfold from September 29 to October 1, setting its stage at the renowned Teatro Circo Price in Madrid. As the largest stable circus in Spain, this venue holds an indispensable place in the nation’s circus history and its contemporary scene. It unequivocally provides an ideal backdrop for hosting an international extravaganza of this magnitude.

Distinguishing itself as the sole festival with a dedicated focus on Ibero-American circus arts, FIRCO is set to present a spectacular showcase featuring nine distinct artistic acts spanning various disciplines. These acts have been meticulously selected from among the 23 countries that constitute the Ibero-American region. Over the course of three consecutive days, audiences will be treated to riveting circus galas, where artists will compete against one another for the favor of a discerning panel of judges. These experts will ultimately determine the standout acts that will vie for prestigious awards, to be conferred after the gala on the culminating Sunday.

FIRCO aspires to transcend mere festival status, aiming to evolve into a broader platform for circus arts. Consequently, the festival will host parallel events that facilitate interactions between industry professionals and artists. This holistic approach not only propels the careers of participating artists but also enhances cultural exchanges and augments the visibility of Ibero-American talents on the global performance stage.

This edition of FIRCO has received invaluable support through grants from the Community of Madrid, solidifying its significance in the region’s cultural landscape. Collaborations with prominent companies in the circus sector, including Circo del Sol, CircusTalk, Zirkólika, 441 malabares, and, further underscore the festival’s commitment to excellence in the world of circus arts.

The line-up, nine acts selected from among the more than 250 submitted to the competition, will perform in front of an international jury.

The festival is presented by actress Raquel Molano and accompanied by the live music of the Ombligo Band.

Tickets are now available.

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