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Circus Voices Podcast Voted Number 1!

CircusTalk was honored to discover that our podcast Circus Voices was voted number 1 circus podcast in Feedspot’s Top 20 Circus Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021! We were listed among our favorites in the circus podcasting world, such as Circus Stories, The Artist Athlete, Not My Monkeys, and Circus Futures!

Speaking of podcasts, we just launched a new series called Press Pass with the Editor. This monthly podcast will explore changes in the circus sector, impactful news in the performing arts world, as well as information about upcoming shows and events from around the world for the coming month. We’ll take a look at all parts of the circus world, from circus job listings to circus education to circus business and beyond. You can catch the first episode here, featuring an interview with boleadora artist, and Guiness Book of Record holder and spokeperson, Sarah Louis-Jean.

Our podcast series on Circus Voices in 2020-2021 so far:

Check out the Feedspot post to see the full list of great circus podcasts they selected.

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