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Walls Beneath Our Feet

by Race Horse Company since 2022
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Race Horse Company & RRKK

Walls Beneath Our Feet

Circus short film inspired by the Pasila Street Art District in Helsinki. Collaboration with music producer RRKK and the Helsinki Urban Art.
Walls Beneath Our Feet is a part of series of circus short films by the Race Horse Company, supported by the City of Helsinki. These films aim to create unique material highlighting the artists as well as Helsinki as a living city and the times we all live in. The film is shot entirely in the Pasila district of Helsinki and the urban street art plays a role in the film.

"For me circus is new ways of thinking and looking at things, something unexpected. I wanted to direct this film to bring that something unexpected in to our familiar urban enviroment. Something raw but beautiful. The street art definitely inspired me. I feel as they are a direct comment on a society and life where things could be very different. I think that circus art hits the same spot in many ways."

- director Antti Suniala


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