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Chevalier - keppihevossirkus

by Race Horse Company Finland since 2019
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  • 40 min
  • Touring

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Chevalier is an irresistibly charming homage to the magnificent horses of circus and the silent movie era. Drawing inspiration from the history of traditional horse circuses, Kalle Lehto's ringmaster performs acrobatics, juggling and balancing with an amazing cast of hobby horses.

As the horses take center stage on the small manege, part of the ringmaster's story is told in short silent movies accompanied by live music.

Kalle's playful work with the hobby horses, natural comedic sense and the fluid movement of a breakdancer bring the magic of circus alive - completed by Sami Tammela's genius music and traditional circus soundscapes with electronic elements.

Chevalier is the 3rd part of Kalle Lehto's trilogy of circus shows for children - following the highly popular "Around - Ympäri ämpäri" and "Circles - Kommellusten kabaree".


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