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Thinking About Circus School at Circadium? A Word from the Executive Director

Dear Circus Talk Community,
2017 has been a spectacular circus year in Philadelphia, as we opened Circadium  and moved into our new facility.  The “new” building is actually a beautiful old church, built in 1925, with 30,000 sq. ft of space and an expansive outdoor, green space.

These first few months with our Circadium Class 1 have been very exciting.  From Theatre and Movement classes, to Writing and History of Circus; from tightwire-walking with balance poles outdoors, to Cyr Wheel; these students have had a very full schedule.  We’ve already been on 4 field trips, experiencing the great cultural offerings of the Philadelphia region; and we’ve had several guest instructors.  Every week, the students have an independent creation process, preparing for Friday presentations.  It’s hard to believe we’re only just at the end of our first term.

But we are always thinking ahead, and it’s time now to begin building Circadium Class 2.  This new group of students – many of whom have already begun to submit applications – will begin their course in September 2018, and finish with a Diploma of Circus Arts in 2021.

We’re encouraging all of our potential applicants to come out to Philadelphia and see the place – at the latest, at live auditions in March.  But some students are visiting earlier, and spending a few days on campus, sitting in on classes and talking to coaches.  Everyone is welcome.

The Class 1 students have already begun daydreaming about what it will be like to be “upperclassmen”, the stories and wisdom they’ll share.  Right now, our big building still has plenty of room, and we can’t wait to populate it with Class 2, and then Class 3 after that…

A quick word about applications.  They are due December 31.  Don’t wait until 11:59pm that day to submit.  And if you’re on the fence, just apply – you don’t have to make your decision now.  If we don’t feel you’re ready, we’ll tell you that, and you can always re-apply the following year.  If you are just not sure, apply, come to auditions, meet the staff and see our program in action – this is the only way we can all really decide if we are the best fit for each other.

I’m always happy to answer your questions over email – [email protected]

See you in Philly!

Shana Kennedy, Executive Director

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