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“The Pulse” Hits Montreal: Gravity & Other Myths Brings 60 Artists to TOHU July 5 to 8

Montreal, April 19, 2023– Australian company Gravity & Other Myths will return to Montreal this summer for the North American premiere of their sensational show The Pulse, presented by La Presse. The groundbreaking show will kick off the festivities of MONTREAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE, a TOHU festival created in collaboration with Loto-QuĂ©bec, starting July 5 at TOHU. This unique show, which has captivated audiences and critics around the world, promises to be a highlight of the summer in Montreal, bringing on stage 24 Australian acrobats and 36 Catalan singers from the OrfeĂČ CatalĂ  Girls’ Choir. Completely spellbinding!

A fascinating phenomenon is coming to Montreal!

The company that captivated Montreal with A simple space (2014/2015) and Backbone (2018) is raising the bar with its most ambitious show to date! Bringing together some thirty acrobats and as many chorus members on stage, The Pulse,directed by Darcy Grant, captivates crowds and has won many awards since its creation in 2021. While it was not scheduled to tour globally, Montrealers will have the unique opportunity to see the circus phenomenon and dive into a sensory experience where a mountain of bodies plunges into an ever-changing ocean of voices. With a soundtrack composed by Ekrem Eli Phoenix, the production will thrill the audience by immersing them in a complex synchronization of movement and sound.

The Pulse will be one of the must-see events this summer! After its success at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2022, this stunning production is creating a sensation wherever it goes. It was therefore the perfect show to debut MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE in style! With its 24 Australian acrobats and 36 Spanish singers on stage, Gravity & Other Myths will blow us away with this extraordinary experience,” says StĂ©phane Lavoie, TOHU’s executive and programming director.

“The show is, in essence, a tribute to human connection and how we help each other grow.” – The Scotsman, Scotland.
“Gravity & Other Myths are the masters of astonishing.” – Limelight, Australia.
“Circus with a big, pounding heart and an honest, earthy soul.” – InDaily, Australia.


Expect to be amazed at the 60 performers on stage, including 24 acrobats and 36 chorus members!
‱ Gravity & Other Myths is one of Australia’s best-known contemporary circus companies.
‱ You may have already seen them at the festival in 2014 and at TOHU in 2015 with their show A simple space and in 2018 with Backbone during MONTREAL
‱ They have won many awards with The Pulse, including three International Circus Awards for Best Circus, Best Production, and Best Design.
‱ At its inception, The Pulse was not expected to tour the world. Following its flamboyant success at the Edinburgh International Festival, all the venues fought to
be able to showcase it!

MONTREAL COMPLETEMENT CiRQUE is a unifying and mobilizing festival that offers every year, in July, a circus program spread across the city for 11 days. Created in 2010, MONTREAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE is the result of a collective dream. TOHU—the project’s driving force—-along with the support of Cirque Eloize, The 7 Fingers, Cirque du Soleil, the National Circus School, and En Piste, has pooled its expertise, resources, and will to create North America’s first international festival dedicated to circus arts.

MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE is produced by TOHU and presented in collaboration with Loto-QuĂ©bec. The festival thanks its public partners for their financial support, such as the Government du QuĂ©bec, the City of Montreal, the Government of Canada, and the Consulat gĂ©nĂ©ral de France Ă  QuĂ©bec. The festival would also like to thank its private partners, such as the Quartier des spectacles, Tourisme MontrĂ©al, Le Nouveau Centre, the SDC MontrĂ©al Centre-Ville and the SDC Quartier latin. Thank you to Radio-Canada, our major partner, as well as to La Presse, our media partner. The festival also benefits from the invaluable collaboration of the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, one of the proud founders of the festival. MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE is also a member of RÉMI, le regroupement des Ă©vĂ©nements majeurs internationaux.

Main image: Acrobats of Gravity and Other Myths on stage with the OrfeĂČ CatalĂ  Girls’ Choir and choir conductor and soloist Buia Reixach.

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