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ROUND UP: Circus Immersion with Martin Frenette

Ever wanted to walk a mile in another circus artist’s shoes? In Martin Frenette’s Circus Immersion article series, you’ll get to do just that with artists across disciplines.

Circus artists wear many different kinds of hats. From hand-balancers to aerialists, contortionists to porters, and wire walkers to jugglers—every circus artist outfits themselves differently whenever they go on stage. Getting ready requires more than just a costume change; it requires practice, a cultivated self-awareness, and a careful understanding of how you, as a performer, relate to your stage props, partners, and audience. It is an exercise of both mind and body.

Circus Immersion offers us a peek into the work and minds of circus artists who’ve distinguished themselves in their respective disciplines. In this seven-part article series, Martin Frenette gets to know some iconic performers and learns how they live out and think through their art at every level. Martin and his subjects approach each discipline with a trained eye for the small details and give a glimpse into their own philosophies as performers and creators, offering new views—and expert insights—at every step of the journey.

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