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Congratulations to Mara Pavula, the New Head of Riga Circus

The Latvian Ministry of Culture has appointed Mara Pavula, the former head of Riga Circus School (Rīgas Cirka Skola), and its current head of strategic development, as the director of the Riga Circus. Pavula starts her duties on January 3rd. 

Mara Pavula shared that her relationship with the circus is very personal. “I see the circus not only as an art, but also as a value system that cherishes diversity, cooperation, growth, and courage. I feel very honored and moved that I have been entrusted to lead the Riga Circus, and in the next five years I plan to do my best to achieve the largest circle of society through art.”

In a social media statement, the organization expressed its gratitude to Pavula’s predecessor, Liene Perkone. Perkone had a significant role in preparing and starting the reconstruction of the historic circus building and making Riga Circus the co-host of the international circus networkBaltic Nordic Circus Network (BNCN).

Congratulations to Mara, and we are looking forward to hearing more updates from Latvia and the Nordic region. 

Main image: Liene Perkone, the former leader of the Riga Circus and the new leader Mara Pavula in Fall 2021 at the press conference dedicated to the season opening. Photo: Kristine Madjare


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