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CIRCUS JOB AND AUDITION ALERT: Auditions and Opportunities in Circus Education

We are very excited to see how the circus job market is slowly awakening, as well as how companies have started planning and auditioning again. Here are a few samples from last weeks’ 28 new job posts.

Lost in Translation is looking to recruit a circus performer specializing in cloudswing with a background in acrobatics and any other special talents for their new production and other shows for touring in 2021/2022.

NoFit State Circus is looking for people with exceptional and unusual circus skills to join their team and create a new show for big top touring premiering in 2022. They are keen to discover individuals with unconventional skills who offer something radically different and fresh.

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Education and Training
Circa Classes in Australia are looking for a lead trainer who is driven and motivated to inspire participants and trainers alike, with a desire to improve and grow their practice continuously.

Stockholm’s University of the Arts is looking for a circus professor.
They are looking for someone with the desire to lead, plan, and develop the existing Master Programme in Contemporary Circus Practices and collaborate on developing a Master’s Programme in Directing Circus.

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Main image: Lost in Translation Circus (CircusTalk profile page)

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