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The Other Side - Circus Shows - StageLync

The Other Side

by San Diego Circus Center United States , San Diego since 2021
  • 34
  • 1 hr 3 min
  • Fixed-Location

Cast and Crew


LIVE at the Circus Center

Our winter production is an annual event that SDCC looks most forward to. It is inspired by a collection of ideas and brainstorms and extraordinary talent, and delivers a visionary experience we hope will stay with you for some time.

Every day we work hard to support our livelihood, family and the ones we love, but when there is a moment to explore our art or passion we travel to the other side. 

And there we explore our imagination.


PRODUCER: San Diego Circus Center
DIRECTOR: Jean-Luc Martin

MUSIC: Dr. Draw & El Ten Eleven

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Rob Riingen and Melisande Martin

LIGHTING: Weegie Gueniot

SOUND: Dave Dewey

COSTUMES: Mara Martin

CREW: Jen Gueniot, Roman Yaroskenko, Lora Kapelczak

ACTS: Lyra, Trapeze, Teeterboard, Silks, Straps, Handstands, Hand to Hand, Cube, Russian Bar, Acro Bar, Cube, Clown, Rope and Dance.

COACHES: Jean-Luc Martin, Lora Kapelczak, Dan Griffiths, Rochelle Berwick, Stacy Clark, Chase Webster, Sam Tribble, Amelie Major, Lexii Alcaraz, Lindsey Parker, Jon Bookout and Alex Eckert

ARTISTS: Alia Charles, Alicia Houser, Aryeh Lax, Aubrey Lopez, Austin Lee Dylan, Ava Kapelczak, Cassiopeia Haberle, Daniel Winston, Eliana Payne, Addison Bowe, Elodie Laurent, Emily Farnsworth, Finnegan Niles, Francesca Kettrick, Gregorian Hawke, Greta Morris, Haley Tse, Izzy Lavallee, Jessica Dewey, Joel Castro,  Josey Wetzel, Juliette Mayorga, Kamryn Howell, Killian Sabourin, Kyndall Walton, Lana Kapelczak, Maddie Song-Rhee, Matthew Gueniot, Micah Parra, Natalia Borunda, Jaidyn Weathers, Natalie Stringer, Nevaeh Bethoney, Sam Kellar-Long, Sarah Gaudet and Jared Sagendorf

SUPPORTERS: Rick Gulley, Luke Gulley (Show Imaging), Rob Riingen, Arise Design and Cirque du Soleil: NexGen program


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