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a One – Man – Circus – Theatre - Performance


Duration approx. 60 minutes 

from & with: Ralph Öllinger

Concept: Ralph Öllinger

Director: Tanja Witzmann

Choreography: Danielle Ana Füglistaller

Dramaturgy: Gerindo Kartadinata

Costume: Julia Brandstetter

Music: Valentin Langer

Mask: Gabriele Manca

This performance is inspired by the poem The Madman Kahlil Gibran, and the theme is the search for yourself. We all wear masks that protect us from the people around us, but also against our naked self.
We pay for the maintenance of these masks a high price, namely the freedom to explore ourselves. The central theme of the show is taking off masks.

Ralph is a circus performer specialised in ball juggling, living in the Netherlands, with his roots in Austria. He finished the bachelor program of Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam where he was specializing in ball juggling, Walking Globe and Partner Acrobatics in the summer of 2016. With his specialisation teachers Gregor Kiock (Catastrophe and Compagnie Cirkologiom), Juan Liu (Chinese State Circus, Cirque du Soleil) and Wybren Wouda (Cirque de Demain) he had the optimal conditions to create unique movements and a very solid technique. Right now hes is doing a master degree in choreography at both universities Codarts Rotterdam and Fontys Tilburg.



Tanja Witzmann: studied theater science in Vienna.Education "Physical Theater" at the "School of Stage Arts" by Teatret Cantabile 2 in Denmark. Since 1997 she has been a performer, dramaturge and director. Directories & A .: "VictoryAhh! A Femmesrican Story "," The Quadrature of Kreisky "a discourse revue," Hell is also only a sauna "by Katja Brunner in the KosmosTheater Vienna. Last: "Marie hangs in the air" in the jungle of Vienna www.tanjawitzmann.com 

Danielle Ana Füglistaller: studied contemporary dance, improvisation and composition at the Rotterdamse Dans Academy. Dancer at various companies in Holland and Germany, eg. "Dear gorilla" and "mind the gap". Currently working as a performer in the artist's collective cultura (Berlin, Hildesheim) and at the Theater Wrede (Oldenburg) and as dramaturge and choreographer for dance and theater.  

Gerindo Kartadinata: grew up in Germany and lived in Indonesia for several years. He studied at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunst / Mimeschule in 1993-1997. He has lived in Amsterdam since 1997, creates his own projects (Stichting Gringo) and works in different theater formations. 

This project is funded by the BKA, the cultural network of Lower Austria and the state of Lower Austria.



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