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Spectacular circus skills blend seamlessly with physical comedy and theatrical storytelling in this colourful, loud and hilarious show from renowned international company Lost in Translation.

Check into the quirkily ineffective Hotel Paradiso and meet Madame, the charming staff and the evil banker who is scheming to repossess the hotel. As the tenants introduce us to their beloved home, we witness their battle with the dastardly banker. Will they manage to stay open, or will they be forced to move on? And who is the mysterious writer of love letters to Madame?

Hotel Paradiso shows off the daring skills of the cast of six highly skilled performers who treat audiences to heart-stopping aerial, stunning floor acrobatics and extraordinary juggling. This production sees circus favourites Lost in Translation display their colourful mix of daring circus tricks, physical comedy and theatre.

With thrills, gasps, laughs and drama, there’s plenty for both adults and children alike, making this a perfect evening for all the family.

Lost in Translation are an international company based in the UK who are renowned for their innovation and story-led circus. Their shows The Hogwallops and Hotel Paradiso are renowned at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and continue to tour nationally and internationally.


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