We are the Queen of the Air

by Kompani Giraff Sweden since 2022
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On the thin line separating oceanic depths and the heights of heaven, a ship has been sailing since the dawn of time. Living onboard is a group of performers who have dedicated their lives to the art of circus. The Queen of the Air was once the main attraction of a show that is performed in every port and is unlike any other. But she is increasingly aware of the passage of time and the necessity of coming to terms with her past. Who are you when you can no longer fly high? When age has taken its toll and all that remains are memories and longing?
"Vi är Luftens Drottning" is an airborne requiem for life as a circus performer. It is a free interpretation of Pauline Wolff's darkly shimmering novel about a particular clan of aerial acrobats, a family that, after centuries of secret endeavor – a legacy passed down from mother to daughter – has finally achieved its forbidden goal and learned to fly.
The performance is a poetic declaration of love to the art of circus, a story about the perfection of the body and art, about motherhood, maternal inheritance and of breaking with the past. About the inexorable realities of aging and having to let go in order to be free.
Loosely based on a novel by Pauline Wolff.

Directed by: Viktoria Dalborg
Playwright: Mia Winge
Music: Magnus Larsson
Scenografi & kostym: Sus Soddu
Mask design: Jenny Arstam
Lighting design: Sofie Gynning
Magic consultant: Axel Adlercreutz
Choreographic adaptation: Katarina Lundmark
Choreographic adaptation, trapeze and tissue: Célien Pinon
Technical production: Stefan ”Drake” Karlström
Production manager: Mette Klouman
Riggdesign: Stefan ”Drake” Karlström, Matthew Horton
Videodesign: Emi Stahl
Riggers: Matthew Horton, Erik Berkey
Scenografiöga: Isak Elwin
Photo: Sören Vilks och Sigurd Grünberger

Elisa Bitschnau
Justin Collas
Françoise Fournier
Samuel Ramos Imbeau
Manda Rydman
Giulia Scamarcia
Ronja Särkiniemi



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