The Elephant in the Room

by Cirque Le Roux France since 2015
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  • 1 hr 15 min
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Deliciously retro and absolutely original, Cirque Le Roux delves into a smoky monochrome world of circus arts, Hollywood film noir and physical theatre. 

Welcome to the luxurious estate of Miss Betty, in autumn 1937.  Caught between her desperate husband, a fumbling valet and a lustful admirer, our hostess slips away from her wedding reception into a secluded smoking lounge. Cigars, whisky, slapstick and remarkable acrobatics culminate into a turbulent amorous intrigue. Hidden amongst the darkly decadent ambiance, high society is bedevilled by a thousand plots and schemes and an elephant in the room is taking up more and more space…

Cirque Le Roux serves up a dose of wit and eccentricity, seamlessly blending storytelling with high-level acrobatics. The four artists perfect everything from costumes to set design, perilous circus numbers to the mysteries of love, friendship and the obvious truths we choose to ignore.  One lingers over the final minutes of this first creation by Cirque Le Roux moved, full of admiration and eager to follow the next chapter


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