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Selfie With Eggs

by Natalie Reckert Germany since 2014
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Contemporary circus and stand-up comedy meets electro- robotics in a feat of handstand endurance.

Selfie with eggs is a spectacular and comic self-portrait of an acrobat. A highly skilled one- woman experiment to test the limits of the body and the stability of quite a few eggs... Against a background of electronic music Natalie Reckert performs over half the show in a handstand. Whilst upside down she lets us into the world of the handstand, and how her limbs are slowly starting to melt from the heat that rises in her body. She takes us into a universe where arms and legs become pieces of liquorice and the head becomes a cherry that is about to explode.

Heavy beats blend with her robotic movements above a field of raw eggs. Selfie with eggs is a studio theatre show and has has toured in Germany, the UK and in Czech Republic, a pioneering piece of contemporary circus, offering a daring portrait of the real (and often painful) world of a circus acrobat. Suitable for 8+


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