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It is said of that sound and musical stimulus that makes the body and mind vibrate, unleashing intense emotions.
Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

SAVE THE TEMAZO is an international NGO that fights to rescue the emotional value of music, investigating the musical and sound connections that exist in the world and their influence on a social, cultural and artistic level.
In 2018 the Col.l.e.ctiu F.R.E.N.È.T.I.C was created at the request of the Spanish Delegation of SAVE THE TEMAZO, with the aim of making a big show to spread the message and the latest research of the organization.

(In each place we record a live video that we broadcast on social networks and that we make available to the organization of each event. All this directed by the film director Suso Imbernón.).

Circus disciplines:
Flying trapeze, jump into the void, manipulation of objects (microphones, cables, bottles, vinyls and flags), cyr wheel, archery, counter balance, aerial hoop and of course a lot of humor.

Age: All Audience

Spanish, Catalan / Valencian, English and French.

Outoddor / Indoor


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