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by Michael Trautman United States since 2013
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What happens when you put a clown in a room with 1000 ping pong balls? KING PONG!

KING PONG SHOW is a truly unique variety show that dares to ask: When is enough, enough? How much is TOO much? Why do Americans go so far? KING PONG combines two of America’s favorite pastimes, “spittin’ and shootin!’” Using his vast array of talents and skills, Michael, aka KING PONG, performs Magic, Juggling, Audience Participation, and the only target-shooting, ping pong-spitting act in the world.

KING PONG is a character/clown created by Michael Trautman, based on the iconic American Cowboy, and infused with many dubious American traits, including “bigger is better”, “patriotism”, “American exceptionalism”, and the love/obsession of guns and shooting.

KING PONG! It’s not what you would expect-orate! 

“A one-man tour de force of ping-pong manipulation.” -Review, Burlington, VT, FREE PRESS


    • Michael Trautman - Individual - United States - CircusTalk
      KING PONG is going on tour this summer! 
      Upcoming appearances: 
      June 17 - Las Vegas, Nevada. Senior's International Table Tennis Tournament.
      June 30 - July 1 - New Caledonia. International Clown/Comedy Festival. 
      July 10-15 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton International Street Performer's Festival.
      July 17-22 -  Springfield, MA, USA.  International Juggler's Association. Hosting the Junior Championships July 18. 
      August 6-12 - Burlington, Vermont, USA. Festival of Fools. 
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