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"A living being deprived of its emotions is incapable of being reasonable. No emotion, no matter how unpleasant, is wrong. No emotion, no matter how negative, is destructive.

Essêncial(mente) puts the viewer's rational mind in touch with their emotional mind in an intimate, judgment-free dialogue."


Through aerial acrobatics, with a vertical rope and capillary suspension technique, the two artists transport us back to the time of Moniz, where colors fade in the humidity of bucolic horizons and the mind of emotions opposes the rational mind in intimate contact.

The edgy nature of the piece carries over into the music's score, giving it a deeply unsettling feel at times - even when it appears to be relatively normal. The music has a tendency to always be a little unhinged, and every now and then it leans completely into a strange world of its own.


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