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'Domino' 1st year FDA show directed by the MA

by Circomedia United Kingdom , Bristol since 2021
  • 15
  • 1 hr
  • Fixed-Location

Cast and Crew


First year Circomedia students present some of their finest work from the last, difficult year, directed by four of our students on the MA course in Directing Circus. Based on the self-devised work of the 1st yrs, which uses acrobatics, aerial skills, juggling and cardboard, the MA students have crafted the huge diversity of taste and style into a group ensemble piece, imaginatively exploring the theme of chain reactions. After the dreadful times over the last year, we can break out of our locked-down, bubble-wrapped isolation and revel in the myriad of ways we are all connected: for better or worse the falling of one domino can cause an avalanche of consequences