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Disequilibri Precari / Precarious Imbalances

by Auriga Teatro Italy since 2018
  • 2
  • 45 hr
  • Touring

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Cast and Crew


Auriga Teatro presents
"Disequilibri Precari"  

written and performed by Andrea Tettamanti e Veronica Del Vecchio

A comedy show which combines physical skills with improvisation and audience interaction.

Vladimir, a rope walker a bit too vain, and his assistant Iverotchka, are ready to defy the force of gravity and to present you a breathtaking show.
Unfortunately Vladimir has no idea how to climb up the rope; and patience is not Iverotchka's special gift.
He, too vain, she, too jealous... Together they will have to face unexpected events, quarrels and dramatic turn of events.

They'll need all of the energy the audience will be able to give them: in this way the dream will come true and they will show, with their bizarre and clumsy though elegant manners, their skills as dancers and slackrope walkers.

Kind: Slackrope walking, clown, theatre and audience interaction.


Duration: 40/45 minutes.

N. of artists: 2

N. of performance par day: 2/3

Language: Italian, English, French