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Ciudades Sonoras

by Julia Sanchez Mexico , Guadalajara since 2021
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  • 45 min
  • Fixed-Location

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What happens to the music, words, and sounds of a neighborhood when they cease to resonate? Where are they going? Find out and let's listen to the city together to experience it like never before.

Sound Cities is a multisensory journey that invites you to experience the essence of a historic neighborhood in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. An immersive experience, a fun show that takes the scene to the streets and invites us to experience the neighborhood through the eyes of an organ grinder who leads us to immersively learn about the history, its gastronomy, and the stories of the neighborhood's inhabitants.
Organillermo, character, and guide of the Route, takes us through physical theater, clowning, and a unique sound environment to recreate dreamlike atmospheres of past times triggered by the stories of the people who live and travel around the Red Park, MUSA, Expiatorio, and Rambla Catalunya, valuing both the territory, community life and those who have stories to tell.


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