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Singularity LED Drone Show

Singularity is the story of humanity merging with technology to create a symbiotic relationship and become greater together. You can find a quick highlight reel HERE and the full act video HERE. It includes 20 LED drones, LED costume, programmable LED leviwand, 1 performer, and 2 crew. The current act is 4.5 minutes long and has one opportunity for customization with a simple company logo or up to 2 letters at a time, or we can create a fully custom show to fit any song below 7 minutes long. It requires about 10m x 10m (35ft x 35 ft) of floor space indoors or outdoors and flies a minimum 6.5m (20 ft) high. There are some possibilities for flying in a smaller space or over a crowd, depending on local laws and regulations. The act does not include a sound system, or extra stage production lighting, which must be provided by the client. It requires one empty electrical circuit, and it works best in low ambient light. The crowd should stand outside of the 10m x 10m perimeter. You can find a specific list of venue requirements and what we provide on our tech rider HERE.