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Scott & Muriel - The Accidental illusionists

France since 1999
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Scott & Muriel - The Accidental Illusionists

An Introduction…

When Cirque du Soleil made a TV series, Scott & Muriel were the illusionists they called.

This Dutch/American couple are the first and only comedy act ever to win the World Champions of Magic (out of 140 competitors.) 

They call themselves “The Accidental Illusionists” because nothing in their show goes as planned.  And yet they still manage to present incredible illusions (that they invented themselves!) combined with hilarious visual comedy.  And all without hardly saying a word!


It starts with Scott appearing upside down - on his head.  Muriel (a store window mannequin that magically comes to life) soon takes over the show.  Ever more extravagant, ever more exciting - before long they are sawing a volunteer from the audience in two!  

What’s great is that no matter what they do, their audience has no idea what will happen next! 

But rest assured that whatever does happens, it will be laugh-out-loud funny and absolutely amazing!


Their prizes and awards include:

The Grand Prix at the FISM World Championships of Magic, Lisbon (2000)
The Golden Clown at the World Festival of Clowns, Ekaterinaburg (2009)
Four Special Prizes at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo (in 2008 & 2018)