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“Rose” project is the first manifestation of authors research on poi and contemporary dance. The study of movement is based on various ways of manipulating poi through contemporary dance techniques, searching for unexpected tricks out of boundaries of known and already seen. The study includes not only the research of the prop reacting according to the body positions and vice versa, but also holding poi and manipulating it with feet. This act was the first to stage authors research on poi antipodism.

Apart from movement research, there is a research of the prop stile. The author creates a hybrid of poi and gymnastic ribbon. The performances of this prop, as expected, also have a certain influence on movement research.

Mostly the author finds inspiration in nature elements. This time it is the life of a flower rose, from the closed bud, through the opening, until the loss of petals. The color of the rose is to be changed due to the clients desire.

Author, choreographer, costume and make up designer: Tanja Puklek

Music: Ludovico Einaudi (without music licence)


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