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Photon Cyr Wheel Show


The Photon Glow Cyr Wheel Show combines intense feats of physical skill, with cutting edge technological expertise, choreographed to a bespoke soundscape. 


This world-class custom built pixel cyr wheel (the first to be created in Europe!) will astonish your guests as our performer manipulates, dances and balances creating mesmerising visual effects, pictures and optical illusions. We can even display your personalised logos for no extra cost! 


Our acrobatic performer will dance and merge with the technology to take your audience on a sci-fi journey into a world as immersive as any computer game, with a few surprises in store along the way.


Show combination: The Cyr Wheel can combine with Photon Juggle & Acro to create a 20 minute show

Duration:1 x 7 mins show. Show length can be adapted from 5 to 9 minutes 

Performers: 1 person

Features: LED suit, custom built Cyr Wheel and Acrobat 

Client Logo: Yes – Displayed on Cyr Wheel 

Walkabouts: Option to add Glow Bots or Twilight Circus 

Dreamtech Staff: 1 Technician



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