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Knife throwing. crossbows.

Russia since 2010
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  • 6 min

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Igor Krychun is a theatrical show, with throwing knives, axes and spears to the target girl. Deadly world-class stunts are combined with an extraordinary love story. It's a genre revolution.
Participants of the biggest cabaret in the World "Cabaret du Monde" France, Paris at Magic TV 2018.
Got Talent semifinalists in Georgia. The knife throwing show and the duet with crossbows, made it to the global Talent 2017.
Knife Thrower Igor Krichun worked for Cirque Dreams 2019
1. Theatrical performance "Fantasies of love" duration 6 minutes. The program includes: incredibly spectacular deadly tricks with throwing knives, axes and spears at the target girl.

The only team in the world working with four types of throwing weapons 1- knives, 2 - axes, 3 - spears, 4 - crossbows
Both artists throw all kinds of throwing weapons