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Élégie: One woman show for Aerial Cellist

United States since 2023
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  • 1 hr

Cast List


Directed and performed by Cellista
A one-woman show for cello, static trapeze, and cinema.
Choreographed by Cellista, Kennedy Kabasares, & Joel Baker
Film editing by Jennifer Gigantino, cinematography by Bryan Gibel


A one-hour stage poem starring Cellista as Élégie, a blackbird who shape-shifts into human form and back. Élégie awakens one day in her magical tree outside the walled-off city of Clôture to find its entire population has disappeared. In their departure, the citizens have left behind a city of altars, decorated with unlit candles; each containing the memories and mementos of the banished citizens. Élégie shape-shifts into human form to find out what happened to Clôture’s disappeared. In her journey, she finds serenity.

“Watching Cellista find new relationships with the instrument she has already spent so much time with has been inspiring to me as a director. It takes patience and courage to change patterns we are used to performing with. Cellista is brave enough to connect elements that you would not expect to be seen together.”
— Joel Baker, director

“Cellista is a unique artist. She pools her diverse talents together to combine into a captivating whole. From music to circus to visual art and the crafted word, Élégie is a full package experience, a feast for the audience.”
— Elsie Smith, founder of NECCA, Nimble Arts, and Gemini Trapeze