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Dance Arena Ep. 5. – The Secret to Auditioning

We live in a world where everyone has advice to give, and where the occasional “Audition Tips” article pops up every now and again giving people the “Do’s and Don’ts” of auditioning, “Audition Secrets”, “How To”, “Top Ten Audition Mistakes”…  I’ve seen articles warning against being “too needy”, asking too many questions, not chewing gum, not talking out of line, not eating and drinking during the audition, waiting your turn to go across the floor…you’ve read some of them, I’m sure.

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Hamilton Lines: The Top 10

Hamilton is that once-in-a-lifetime show that comes around and continues to astound Broadway fans, history buffs, music enthusiasts and the everyman alike. After its record-breaking 16 Tony Award nominations and subsequent 11 wins, the bloodbath-esque process of scoring a ticket, and the triple platinum status of the cast album, it would be a challenge to find someone who isn’t obsessed with, or at least appreciates the brilliance of Lin Manuel Miranda’s revolutionary (don’t mind the pun) Broadway sensation.

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What IS Physical Theatre?

Naked dancing, ritual movement and raucous chanting! This Greek fertility ritual known as “the dithyrambos” enacted in the eighth or ninth century B.C. appears to have been the world’s first dance drama. These drunken physical orgies celebrating the birth of the wine god Dionysus marked the beginnings of what would later be visually organized into styles of Physical Theatre

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