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American Performer Wesley Williams SMASHES Guinness World Record for the “Tallest Rideable Unicycle”

You may have seen Wesley Williams riding on one wheel high above the crowd on TV talent shows such as America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, or The Gong Show, among many others. This Weston, Florida native has been a hit in practically every country and venue around the world. Wesley Williams–The One Wheel Wonder—is the KING of all the unicycle performers, make no mistake about it. There are approximately seven billion people on planet Earth and hundreds of thousands of performing unicyclists worldwide. Yet there is not one other person that can say they ride “The World’s Tallest Rideable Unicycle” as certified by Guinness World Records themselves.

Since February 2020, Wesley Williams has held the world record for the “Tallest Rideable Unicycle” at 29 feet and 1 inch tall. On December 29th, 2022, in Stuttgart, Germany at the Weltweihnachts Circus, Wesley broke that same record again with a unicycle of 31.9 feet! Truly a breathtaking stunt not for the faint of heart.

While no one else has challenged the record in the past two years, Wesley says, “I am always striving to do more and take things to the next level. If that means breaking my own records, so be it.” Furthermore, he also says he wants to use this record to prove to others that nothing is impossible.

Last October, Wesley had a performance accident where he fell over 27 feet to the floor in Madrid, Spain, while performing on Got Talent Espana. This unfortunate event required five operations, two metal plates, 35 screws, and 83 stitches, and sidelined him for over seven months.

After a long recovery, not only did Wesley Williams come back to perform again, but he is doing so on one of the most honorable shows around the world: the Weltweihnachts Circus in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Weltweihnachts Circus is the largest and the most awarded Christmas circus in the world, and the Circus Zeitung trade journal has described the program as “the best of the best” and as “Germany’s largest circus event.” Audiences have come to expect excitement, stunts, beauty, and unexpected surprises all under the huge, bellowing Big Top! Its highly respected producers, Henk and Elisa van der Meijden of Stardust International and the World Christmas Circus, have been very complimentary of Wesley Williams, stating he is “…An act you will never forget! Everybody falls in love with his unique skills, charismatic personality, and thrilling act! A new circus star is born!”

Directly after this engagement, Wesley Williams will head to the Academy Awards of the circus industry: the Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo in Monaco. Wesley Williams, The One-Wheel Wonder, is not only appearing at the 45th Edition of the world-famous Festival International Du Cirque De 2 Monte Carlo, but is a featured attraction alongside multiple time previous Main Prize Clown Award winners Rene Casselly, Kris Kremo, and Alex Giona, as well as others in the talented line-up of the world’s best!  Says Wesley, “It is one of those things that seem unreal. It is every circus performer’s dream. I used to ask my mom growing up ‘Mom, do you think I can perform in Monte Carlo one day?’ Now my time has come, and I am ready to give my absolute all. I have waited all my life for this moment!”

Wesley continues to “Ride Above All Odds” around the world, and most will agree he is “The Wheel Deal.”

Main image: Wesley Williams at the Weltweihnachts Circus. Image and press release shared by Wesley.

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