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The Dreaming Box is a fully custom cirque-style variety show, created specifically for corporate events. Cast size and show length can be expanded to fit clients needs, venue specifications and budget. Notable companies that this show has performed for include Subaru, and Adobe Systems (2019).


What makes The Dreaming Box different?

Join us for an adventure of super human talent and amazing visual effects. The Dreaming Box combines phenomenal athleticism and artistic creativity with illusion, technology and stunning staging to create a whole world inside any venue!


What is the dreaming box exactly?

You know pandoras box? Well the dreaming box is just like that except for instead of containing all of the evils of the world it contains within it the creations of our young main character (Stellas) imagination, all of her dreams are locked away inside this box, until one day, she accidently opens it. Join stella in an adventure of a lifetime as she tries to convince her creations to get back inside.


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