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Sandy & Bruno met in the seventies. She was fame hungry, he was doomed to follow her. As one hit wonders, this is a story of their big come-back. With Sandy’s determination and Bruno’s blissful devotion to her, they are here; not by popular demand, but by sheer defiance. 


With striking aesthetics and a rousing soundtrack, THE BAND is a quirky, humorous display of desperate ambition and blind affection told through awe-inspiring dance, theatre and circus.


‘'Absolutely wonderful!!! Incredible skill!'' Audience member  


Artistic Direction: Eleni Edipidi

Devising & Performing: Eleni Edipidi & Nathan Johnston

Circus Consultant & Artistic Advisor: Tina Koch/ Ockham's Razor

Visuals: Gopan Iyadurai

Dramaturg: Lisa - Marie Bowler

Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom

Sound: Rob Spaull & Garry Scott James

Costume & Props Design: Levantes Dance Theatre

Costume & Props Assistant : Stella - Jane Odoemelam

Rehearsal Assistants: Bethanie Harrison & Andrew Gardiner

Stage Manager: Kleoniki Edipidi

Production: Jenny Sullivan


Thank you to: Jess Allen, Adam Davies, Maria Edipidi, Rachel Freeman (EVERYBODY DANCE), Gigi Giannella,  Abigail Yeates and Paul J Cockle (Centre de creation / Les Joncailles), Yvonne Kalter, Martina Serra, Stefano di Renzo and Wired Aerial Theatre.


Funded by Arts Council England

Developed with the support of Greenwich & Lewisham Young People's Theatre, as part of Progression (an Arts Council England funded project). Supported by Greenwich Dance and Jacksons Lane.


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