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TAKTiL - Circus Shows - CircusTalk


by Benjamin Richter Germany , Berlin/Cologne since 2014
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  • 2 hr
  • Fixed-Location

Cast and Crew


In TAKTiL, juggling is like a sculpture that exists for a split second.  40 white wooden blocks, a rock, a wine glass,  5 balls and a human enter into a physical dialogue of object manipulation, dance and humorous performance art.  With intense care and detail, circus performance artist Benjamin Richter creates sculptures that are repeatedly deconstructed and redesigned, creating a playfully poetic journey of images about fragility and care.

"Objects have qualities that I, as a juggler and dancer, can relate to and express in a physical dialogue.  I consciously allow myself to be moved by the properties of the objects - both physically and mentally - to create socio-politically relevant work."

TAKTiL is a flexible performance concept, with a playing time of from 30 minutes up to 2 hours; it is a site-specific performance that can be shown on stages and in extremely diverse environments. The surrounding space and the spectators who watch from all 4 sides, are involved in a subtle and friendly manner.

The stage becomes a gallery space and the spectators are part of the work of art where they experience care, detail and connection.

"At a time when sustainability in all walks of life has become imperitive, it is important to me to make the properties and value of the objects intensively noticeable to the public in a gentle way.  Working by example, rather than pointing a moralistic finger, i wish to facilitate presence and hope."  



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