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by Maria Luisa Wally Dotti Italy , Modena since 2014
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  • 25 min
  • Fixed-Location

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PinkMary and her U-shaped tissues (aerial hammock double silk).

An aerial space designed in a truly original way.

A woman that, at least for one night, wishes to be sexy and to seduce and win everybody over!

Is she going to succeed….?

Femme fatale or “s.VAMP.ita” (air-headed woman) …?

Irreverent, funny, differently sexy.

Aerial and ground virtuosities, comedy, interactions and energy …. and above all …..a great deal of Pink!!!!

For people of all age.


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      Pinkmary in "s.VAMP.ita" clown acrobata su tessuti aerei a U (comedy double aerial hammock)
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