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Love In A Suitcase

by Jonas Heitmann Germany since 2023
  • 2
  • 40 min
  • Touring

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Two old suitcases, each as special as its respective owner. One stubborn with all sorts of curious items inside: blue diabolos, white clubs, a black hat, a red ball and a technical drawing with an elaborate plan. A project so important its inventor would drop everything and everyone in order to ensure everything goes to plan. Hidden behind the old leather of the other suitcase: A strange collection of all sorts of red-colored objects its owner has spleen for.

But what if the suitcases fall into the wrong hands? Horror and panic. A plan doomed to failure. A wavering of one’s own principles. Fascination and unexpected love. The artists let the contents of the suitcases float over the body, dance on a string and whirl unstoppably through the air. And sometimes the artists themselves go up high.

A show combining diabolo, contact juggling, aerial hoop, hat and club juggling and duo trapeze which captures the imagination of the audience.

Duration: 25 (without aerials) / 40 minutes (including aerials)

Number of performers: 2

Directed by Carolin Dallmeyer

This show includes aerial acrobatics. If your location already has suspension points suitable for aerial artistry, we are happy to rigg our equipment on those. Otherwise we can set up our own aerial rig (check out our technical rider for more details). In case it is not possible to set up a rig, there is a shorter (25 minutes) version of this show not including aerials.


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