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Fish and Plastic Family Edutainment Show

by Mara and Chris Belgium since 2019
  • 2
  • 30 min
  • Touring

Cast and Crew


The Fish & Plastic 

Family Edutainment Show


We show what plastic waste means for our oceans and wildlife by presenting problems and solutions in an entertaining show.


“The Fish & the Plastic” is a 30-minute performance that highlights the problems of plastic waste and presents solutions to the audience entertainingly and colourfully. The program is presented with comedy, juggling and surprising acrobatics.


A lot of unnecessary plastic is produced. Every year 6 million tons of plastic flow into the oceans. The plastic breaks down into micro-parts and is taken up by birds and fish in the food chain. It is our mission to show that we can take responsibility for plastic use and disposal.


When we worked out the show concept, we asked ourselves the following questions:

1. Why does plastic end up in the oceans?

2. How does this affect all living things underwater and along the coast? 

3. What can be done to stop this? 

And how can we present this in an entertaining way and with clear images?


It is our concern that every child and every adult can answer the 3 questions after they have seen our edutainment show.



About the Artists

At the age of 6, Chris Pettersen saw a slackwire walker in a circus show, and from that moment on he knew that he wanted to become a professional circus artist!

The next day his father built a slackwire structure for Chris in the backyard and he started balancing and practicing.

From 2001 to 2008 he went to different circus schools in Norway, Sweden and Belgium including 3 years at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels.

Since graduation he has performed with his slackwire act in places such as Circus Monti in Switzerland, in Cirque du Soleil in New York, in GOP Varieté in Germany, and the London Olympics Closing Ceremony.


Mara Zimmerli originally learned to ride horses and spent 2 years show riding in the Falconeria Locarno Switzerland. The desire for adventure took her to the St. James Way where she hiked 2,500 km from Zurich to Santiago de Compostella with her white stallion as her only company. After working two years as a security officer, she spent one season doing advertisement for Circus Monti. At the circus she finally found her calling. And she found Chris! Since 2013 she has developed into a successful artist with a lot of discipline and various skills. 


Mara & Chris have been touring together since 2014, in circuses and variety theatres all over Europe. In 2019 they decided to create their own show production company, and because Chris is a fish enthusiast and Mara can't stand the sight of trash in nature, it was easy to come up with the theme of their first show! We are on a mission to inspire people to keep planet earth beautiful and clean for all species living on it!