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Fantasía, Max's Dream - Circus Shows - CircusTalk

Fantasía, Max's Dream

by ARLP Mexico , Guadalajara since 2019
  • 7
  • 60 hr
  • Fixed-Location

Cast and Crew


Fantasia is a circus based show for kids, it's main purpose is to  attract younger audiences to the magic and wonder that is the circus world through visually attractive, fun and colorfull acts designed specially for young audiences. 

Fantasia, Max´s Dream is a circus adventure like no other, let yourself be transported through a dream like world were Max will journey into, and were he will wake up alongside Muffin the Unicorn, play with Charlie the Clown, fall in love with Rainbow the cat, be challenged by ARGHW the skeleton, juggle with Aloha the surfer and ultimately fly through space with Comet the astronaut.


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