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Dreams of the Small Gods performed by Zinnia Oberski - Circus Shows - StageLync

Dreams of the Small Gods performed by Zinnia Oberski

by Iddo Oberski United Kingdom , Edinburgh since 2018
  • 1
  • 45 hr
  • Fixed-Location

Cast and Crew


Dreams of the Small Gods is a new circus theatre show devised by Zinnia Oberski and directed by Ellie Dubois.

It tells the story of the awakening of the Wild Woman and her meeting with a horned creature from the otherworld. We watch the Wild Woman develop and transform her physicality, merging animal, human and spirit self until they can no longer be distinguished from each other.

Inspired by folk mythology and how it can be relevant in today's culture, Dreams of the Small Gods blends aerial circus, masked ritual and performance art to create a world which is as hypnotic as it is surreal, questioning human ideas of holiness and profanity and exploring the ever-changing relationship between animals, humans and those we name as our gods.

Friday 22nd March: 7pm
Saturday 23rd March: 7pm

Tickets £10 / £8 concessions

Purchase from Summerhall Box Office: https://www.summerhall.co.uk/event/dreams-of-the-small-gods/